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Tuesday May 18, 2010

Special editions at Dashwood

Dashwood bookstore at 33 Bond Street New York is interested to sell some of the special editions of the DutchDoc!Space books. The owner, David Strettell, told us it is difficult to sell special editions, but was interested in some of the books anyway.
Monday May 17, 2010

Aperture interested in DutchDoc!Space show

The day before the DutchDoc!Space show started Lesley Martin of the Aperture Foundation came over to visit the show in a preview. She was very enthousiastic and had the idea of making a kind of show in the Aperture Galery. The day after the DutchDoc!Spaceshow at NYPH10 we visited the space and met with other people of the organization. The news is that they are still interested and we are talking about when, what and how.
Saturday May 15, 2010

Rob Hornstra winner of bookprize at NYPH10

The Dutch Photographer Rob Hornstra won one of the New York Photo Festival Awards in the categorie: Photographic Book. He won the prize with his book Sanatoria. There were also two Honorable Mentions for two other Dutch Photograpers, Jeroen Hofman & Jeroen Kramer.
Wednesday May 12, 2010

Today at six opening NYPH10 in St. Ann's Warehouse

The opening of the NYPH10 will be at 6pm at St. Ann's Warehouse. You have to have a ticket, which you can buy at the main office at Mainstreet Dumbo . It is still doubtfull if one of the curators will come, the man everybody is waiting for: Lou Reed. Will he come, will he perform?
Monday May 10, 2010

Five nominees of Dutch Doc Award in NYPH10 shows

Five Dutch photographers who are in New York with a show at the New York Photofestival are nominated for the Dutch Doc Award in the Netherlands. Jeroen Kramer, Petra Stavast are nominees for The Dutch doc Award.
Sunday May 09, 2010

Filmpremières in St. Ann's Warehouse

Three films about three Dutch photographers will have their first run at St. Ann's Warehouse in Brooklyn New York. It is part of the DUTCHDOC!SPACE show at the New York Photo Festival

Andrea Stultiens 'Intensive Care'

‘As we entered the New Year, everything changed. My boyfriend and I had booked a holiday months in advance and had decided to use the occasion to get married. Soon after the wedding we were on our way to Thailand. A week later my mother told me on the phone that my sister and her boyfriend had been in an accident. Back in the Netherlands I began to take photographs. Because I couldn’t remember ever having been able to calmly observe what an intensive care unit looks like. Because it felt safer to have a buffer between me and the situation. And it was something to do.’

Edition: paperback (1000 copies) size: 18x25cm pages: 112 ilustrations: 40 photo’s, 4 (photographic) illustrations.

The special edition of Intensive Care contains three inktjet prints, each on different papier, and on handwritten poem in English and Dutch.

Price: $175

Boudewijn Bollmann 'Twisted streets'

Twisted Streets #8: Een Beknopte Ode aan Rotterdam en haar Inwoners (A Small Dedication to the city Rotterdam and her Citizens) is zine that consists of four small books and a poster. Each book contains photos and stories about journeys on a bicylcle, from the centre of Rotterdam to each of the four wind-directions.

The Special Edition of this photozine comes in a limited & signed edition of five copies. Comparing to the originals, each special edition is full-colour and contains improved sorts of paper. In the original versions, only the outer two pages are coloured. The Dutch artist Erwin Thomasse (a.k.a. Crackrock) made five unique (and signed) illustrations over a Twisted Streets photo. The results - special made for these five edition - are printed on a poster, which is inserted in the zine.

Price: $151

Cuny Janssen ‘Amami’ and ‘My Grandma Was A Turtle’

Cuny Janssen is presenting two special, technically-speaking cleverly furnished books this year. After the Dutch photographer was included by Martin Parr in his voluminous The Photobook History: Volume II, and in view of the limited number of copies (1,000), these editions could very rapidly become highly collectable.

Cuny Janssen is perpetually on the lookout for unusual forms of presentation, in order to place her books in a specific relationship to the respective landscapes or portraits of the inhabitants–mainly children–she chooses to photograph. Thus, is also the case of Amami, a photobook about the second largest of the Ryukyu Islands of the same name, which is situated to the south of the one of the four main Japanese islands, Kiuschu. 

My Grandma was a Turtle is a collection of particularly American motifs, that culminates in double-sided images of the prairie depicting considerable numbers of bison. Here too, the artist connects landscape photographs with portraits of the inhabitants - children of Native Americans in Oklahoma - yet she is less interested in merely comparing them: rather the hand-pasted, individual photographic reproductions lend the edition a unique format, which might readily be compared to early photograph albums or collectors’ albums for cigarette cards and suchlike.

Amami edition: 1000, Hardcover size: 27 x 22 x 1,5 cm pages: 92 plus 18 fold-outs illustrations: 102.

My Grandma Was A Turtle edition: 1000, Hardcover size: 24,6 x 32,7 x 2,5 cm pages: 44 illustrations: 69 plus 12 spreads.

The special edition of Cuny Janssen: Amami and My Grandma Was A Turtle are both wrapped, separately, in a soft and milky paper. The books are bound together with a tie. The artist added one separated print (in an envelope) from the book My Grandma Was A Turtle, with a short text on the backside, handwritten, selected from her notebook. The print is original printed matter; a double example of one of the prints you will find inside the book.

Price: $320 (for 2 books)

Daan Paans  ‘It might be said that there are three times: a time present of things past, a time present of things present, and a time present of things to come'

This book handles on the phenomenon of time. After seeing the narratives of the photobook I leave the viewer with the question ‘Where did our time start and will it ever end?’ I combine my documentary pictures with found footage and text such as e-mails and quotes of existing novels that handels on the same subject. In this manner I want to tell my story considering there are always three times that create our perception of a subject: the past, the present and the future.

Edition: edition of 75, linen hardcover size: 36x29,5 cm pages: 44 14 pictures 4 found foutage pages.

The special edition: a silkscreen print of the picture with the map of the CERN terrain, inserted on the backside of the linnen hardcover.

Price: $120

Dieuwertje Komen 'Commonness'

Dieuwertje komen (1979) is a Dutch photographer with a fascination for capturing the changing city landscape. In 2009 she visited five medium-sized European cities: Bordeaux, Kosice, Pilzn Mechelen and Mons, as a part of the project; City Visions Europe. what was initiated by the Berlage Institute in Rotterdam in 2009.

‘ The power of Dieuwertje Komen’s photographic work does not lie in the choice of the subject —the European city—but in the instrumentality her images retain for those who are interested in the future of the urban project. The anti spectacular character of her gaze, far from being a stylistic stance, is an attempt to reveal the possibility of looking at the city beyond the dominance of the architectural object. —She searches for constituent elements, principles, and devices that can be used to define an urban commonness’, a shared grammar for the urban project upon which the European city has traditionally been built. ‘ (A Cross-section of Genericity and Commonality: Towards a Vocabulary for the European City, text by Martino Tattara 2009.)

Edition: paperback size: 21 x 27 cm pages:  32 + 8 pp photo’s: 20 published by Fw: 2009 text by Martino Tattara ISBN 978-94-90119-07-2. 

All special editions contains: A paperboard folder
with the publication ‘Commonness’. 3 original prints (size 21 x 27) from the publication and photo-series Commonness 2009. *on top of every folder is written which images are added in the specific folder, referring to the pages in the publication. Every print is unique, signed and specially printed for the occasion of the NYPH 2010.

Price: $190

Jaap Scheeren and Hans Gremmen 'Fake Flowers in Full Colour'

Is it possible to create a three dimensional colour seperation? That was the question that triggerd us (photographer Jaap Scheeren and graphic designer Hans Gremmen) to start this experiment. A bouquet of fake flowers was arranged as starting and striving point. The next step was to create four still lives of this bouquet: one in Cyan, one in Magenta, one in Yellow and one in Black. These stillives were photographed and merged into one image. In theory this should have been the same as the startingpoint, but in practice it became “Fake Flowers In Full Colour”.

40 pages / 24x34 cm / 40 images in colour (and beyond) / printed in 16 colours of offset / published by Fw: / 2009 / text by Ilse van Rijn / printed in close collaboration with Drukkerij Raddraaier in an edition of 750 copies.

The special edition consists of the book (numbered and signed) and a print in 16 colours offset on Royal Print mat paper, 115 grams, 1 of 50, size: 340 x 445 mm.

Price: $99

Isabella Rozendaal 'On Loving Animals'

On Loving Animals is a photo book about the Dutch and their obsessive, sentimental and sometimes inconsiderate love of animals. Its aim is to show how the animals are part of our lives, and how we project our own needs onto them. Isabella Rozendaal spent a year exploring Holland to meet with the owners of a variety of animals in all breeds and sizes, from an early age all the way to the grave.

72 pages soft cover introduction in English 27.5 x 21 cm 46 images ISBN/EAN 978-9086-90-155-5.

The special edition: On Loving Animals contains a print of 18.5 x 26 cm.

Price: $190

Judith van IJken 'Mimicry'

Mimicry consists of photographic images of people wearing an item of their parents’ clothing, which they wore when they were the same age as their children are now.
The series wants to raise questions, such as; Why is it that this generation wants to look like its parents?”, “What does that say about our time?”, “What is the relationship between these generations?” These questions are being emphasized by the specific design of the book. The underlying theme of the work is the question to what extent and in what way personal identity is determined by the social environment and how each separate individual can determine his or her own environment and identity.

Edition: hardcover size: 20,6 cm x 23,4 cm pages: 66 images: 64

The special edition is a handmade dummy by the photographer of the original book that will appear in late May 2010.]

Price: $270

Karianne Bueno 'Asper'

As a photographer, I seek for silence, a place where there is no spectacle and time is unimportant. But I guess I don’t really belong in these quiet places I am looking for.
In Asper, one feels my delight at the rural utopia that I thought I finally found. But, when the story of my series unfolds, loneliness, fear, and longing take over the mood. Asper pictures the silent, timeless beauty of the Belgian countryside, but the oppression of life in a small village is slumbering.

Asper edition: 500 size: 165mmx115mm pages: 104 illustrations: 51 design: novak publisher: schaden.com year: 2010 softcover.

The special edition is wrapped in silkscreened hardboard slipcase, and contains 4 photographs 110x137 mm in fold-in enveloppe.

Edition: 5 (+ 2 artist proof) size: 165x115 mm pages: 104 illustrations: 51 design: novak and Karianne Bueno.

Price: $250

Marco van Duyvendijk 'Eastward Bound'

Eastward Bound shows the first ten years of the career of photographer Marco van Duyvendijk. If there is one thing that distinguishes the photography of Marco van Duyvendijk, it is its flamboyant use of colour. Eastern Europe drab and grey? The empty steps of Mongolia bare and colourless? Not seen through Van Duyvendijk's viewfinder! The photographer takes us eastward with him on his travels to record an unexpected world.

Isbn: 978-90-813385-3-0 Hardcover text: English 256 pages size: 27 x 23 cm 219 color images

Eastward Bound
In a handmade luxurious linnen box with a handmade c-print ‘Three girls in traditional costume, Baku, Azerbaijan 2008’ (20 by 24 cm). Edition of 25

Price: $380

Schetsboek (sketch-book)
Is a collection of leporello's illustrated with Instax Mini instant photos made by Marco van Duyvendijk during his trips to Romania, Nagorno-Karabakh, Thailand, China, South Korea, and Japan.  In a handmade box with an original Instax Mini photo (unique copy). Edition of 10

Price: $200

Natascha Libbert 'Take me to the Hilton'

This is a story about man’s attempt to model his surroundings to become that which he envisions as being an ideal world. I perceived this to be especially visible in places such as hotels, airports, lounges, avenues, resorts by the sea. Details, both subtle and paramount, can be read in the understandable attempt of man to maintain this created decor and cultivated realtity. In the end, what remains is the undercurrent of man’s alienated relationship to the world he created, a feeling of estrangement. This is what I observe as I travel. It is what this story is about.


Edit and design: Renate Boere and Natascha Libbert essay : Jurriaan van Kranendonk print run: 300 pages: 56, Images: 28 no cover, soft book comes in a plastic see-through sleeve with a postcard language: English and Dutch size: 9 1/2 x 12 3/4” (inches).

The special edition of Take me to the Hilton is signed by the photographer and comes with a print using archival pigment inks on paper with a matte finish. The print may be considered “the missing image” of the book and in the format of an added page will contribute to the existing story of Take me to the Hilton. The print has been produced in this unique size 8.9”x8.9” in an edition of 5 for this occasion.

Price: $95

Niels Stomps 'Mist'

The Three Gorges Dam, China
From the outside Mist is not immediately recognizable as a photo-book. It is soft cover and entirely white. Mist is about the powerlessness of people in the face of overwhelming force. Whether that force is environmental or political, Mist is a book about being pushed to adapt your life around those forces that are presented in the light of ‘this is bettering your life so you should see its goodness and embrace the outcome.’ Mist happens to use an example found in China but this book metaphorically could be speaking to Americans against the war in Iraq or any other situation where the people are powerless to prevent the change.

(Written by Jeffrey Ladd for 5b4.blogspot.com)

Editions: 3 X 25 in a Yellow Linen hardcover Foudraal three versions handprints accompanied with the publication handmade C print 23 x28 cm, signed and numbered by the artist photographs: Niels Stomps design: SYB english 24 x 32 cm 116 pages ext: Sybren Kuiper, Catherine Somzé and Niels Stomps.

Price: $250

Petra Stavast 'Libero'

Just like a mystery that slowly unfolds to eventually reveal the truth of the matter, Stavast’s project intertwines the reader in a collection of images to reconstruct a absorbing story about Italy, America, migration, Libero and his family. Coming across an abandoned house in Calabria (Italy) the photographer found a collection of old photographs and letters and started to search for the people in these pictures in order to re-tell the story behind the images. The result of her enterprise is delivered through this collection of found photographs taken by different family members, correspondence and recent images by Stavast herself – all presented in a special paper packaging.

Edition: hardcover with paper wrapping English published by Roma Publications in 2009 in an edition of 750 copies size: 18 x 25,5 cm pages: 200 pp illustrations: 95 illustrations, color and b&w.

The Special NYPH’10 Edition of 5 contains a 7 x 10” C-print of the image shown on the paper wrapping of the book, as well as a CD with two  audio-fragments corresponding with the appended texts of the book. 

Price: $160

Rob Wetzer 'IN HIS HOUSE'

IN HIS HOUSE gives an insight in the historic and cultural significance of our religious heritage.

Edition: 29,5 x 24 cm 42 pages 14 images softcover fullcolor offset 3 essays by Jelsma, Antoine Bodar and Eric Luijten.

Special edition: 1 ex IN HIS HOUSE 88 by 160 cm folded booklet with archival photos and translated essays (Englisch) signed and numbered Every Specail Edition comes with an old devotional that was once sold to help fund the build of a new church.

Price: $95

Rob Hornstra '101 Billionaires'

At the beginning of 2008, the list of richest Russians contained 101 billionaires; a magical number that for the time being will not be matched. The global crisis hit hard in Russia. Exactly a year later, there are only 49 Russians with fortunes of ten figures or more. This drop was behind the decision to publish a second, revised edition of 101 Billionaires, the Crisis Edition. 

101 Billionaires shows the other side of modern Russia, the raw reality that lurks behind the façade of the power elite. Rob Hornstra visited the regions to which Moscow has its exorbitant wealth to thank. Here he used his camera to record the fact that the Russian hinterland itself sees little of this prosperity. 

The Crisis Edition has a print run of 1,000 copies. It has a hard cover and smaller format, but no fold-out pages and is therefore cheaper. The text has been adapted here and there to reflect current events. 

The special edition The 'Crisis Box' is a signed copy, collector’s edition of the book 101 Billionaires (crisis edition) and includes one (original) contact-print on the cover of a specially designed and handcrafted box (21,5 × 18 × 2,5 ). The contact-prints are produced exclusively for the ‘Crisis Box’ release, and will not be available anywhere else afterwards. Every box has an original archive number and copy nr 1/27.

(limited-edition of 27 copies)
Price: $99


Sjoerd Knibbeler 'Ertussenuit met Sjoerd Knibbeler' ('Day out with Sjoerd Knibbeler')

‘I didn’t exactly know how I felt. It was something close to a fit of giggles. It wasn’t an unpleasant feeling.’

Edition: softcover 300 copies size: 9.6 x 7.7 inch pages: 40 photos: 21.

The special edition: Folded page with essay in English Autoportrait of the photographer, signed and numbered, in a sleeve / 5 x 7 inch.

Price: $90

Stefanie Grätz 'Groninger'

The population of the province of Groningen , the most northern province of the
Netherlands, is diminishing. As with many rural communities however newcomers often receive a frosty welcome. I was interested in attempting to express the inconsistencies in peoples attitudes to immigrant communities and individuals. The Dutch government tries to stimulate people to move to the province by improving living and working conditions. 
And who would have thought that one finds the newcomers not only in the human world..... 

Paperback 16.5 cm x 23.5 cm 64 pages (Japanese binding) 34 photographs.

Special edition: book  with accompanying handprint sewn into envelope made from oversheet of book Groninger (handsewn) envelope size: 30cm x 45 cm edition of 18 (three different prints of which 6 each are available).

Price: $195

Sterre Sprengers 'New Primeval Nature'

In 1990 is the Nature planning policy outlined, which stipulates that the Netherlands should consist of 728,500 hectares of nature in 2018, a threefold increase. To achieve this, new pieces of land are allocated as nature development areas. Together with existing nature they form the Ecological Main Structure, an unbroken nature-infrastructure, connecting all nature reserves in the Netherlands. Nature should regain the character and value it had before human interference and cultivation. Nature will be left to its own devices. This New Primeval Nature is started now in the Netherlands, and will regain its original character not until twenty years. Make-ability of nature feels like a contradiction. What kind of primeval nature is that, to let itself be created?

Edition: Paperback 400 copies size: 24 x 30 cm llustrations: 40 photo’s 56 pages Text contribution: Tracy Metz.

Special edition: new primeval nature can not be created in a day. After a year or two this new nature slowly starts to show the results of the Dutch policy. The Special Edition of my book is re-photography. With exactly the same viewpoint I have photographed how nature has developed within two years. 
Is this what the Netherlands wants with her nature?

Price: $ 99

Willem Popelier 'AND WILLEM'

AND WILLEM documents an analytical search for the creation of identity and representation, in a story about the youth of separated twins. Using an extensive family tree and photography, the narrative is systematically charted and developed. Portraits of the twins and their family are created in the same detached manner as objects from the past, such as train tickets and the many keys to the twins’ various family homes. The book is Willem Popelier’s analytical, almost scientific documentation of his own youth.

Edition: paperback size: 16,8 x 23 cm pages: 184 pp illustrations: 79 photo’s, 16 blank photo’s and 19 infographic pages ISBN 9789460830099 english edition ISBN 9789460830112 dutch edition.

Special Edition: Edition of 3. Each special edition comes with one unique and original print from the family-album of the twins. This picture is not one of the reproduced pictures in the book, and therefore an unique addition to the story.

Price: $190

Wytske van Keulen 'We would come to doubt everything. And almost everyone would come to doubt'

The book, We would come to doubt everything. And almost everyone would come to doubt deals with Juan, a Dutch dentist who, thirty years ago, left everything behind to start a new life in a remote mountain village in Spain. Juan leads the life of a hermit, immersing himself in books on religion, alternative philosophies, the falsification of history and conspiracy theories. By including a short work of fiction by artist/writer Nickel van Duijvenboden, Van Keulen stretches the limits of the documentary genre and explicitly appeals to the viewer’s imagination.

Edition: hardcover size: 11,5 x 18 cm pages: 328 pages illustrations: 105 self published.

NYPH2010 special edition: We would come to doubt everything. And almost everyone would come to doubt including a handmade cardboard folder with 3 c-prints 11,5 x 18 cm All signed and numbered.

Price: $160

More information: zijvanrotteveel@xs4all.nl

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